As optometrists who provide comphehensive eye care to our patients, we provide LASIK and PRK laser eye surgery evaluations and referals to qualified surgeons who will do the procedure.


We will examin your eyes and tell you if you are eligible for LASIK. LASIK can only correct certain vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism and scertain people are inelligble because of various ocular surface diseases or their occupation and lifestyle. If you are eligble, we will refer you to a surgeon who will do the procedure.


We also provide pre and post surgical care, helping you manage the many side effects that LASIK patients experience. To learn more about the side effects of LASIK and the risks of the procedure, click here.


Eye Exam Videos and Infographics:

The connection between the eyes and chronic diseases like

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Saving a Mom's Vision

Life-Saving Eye Exam