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LipiFlow Thermal Pulsation in Vancouver, B.C.



LipiFlow Treats Dry eye by Acting on the Meibomian Glands in the Eyelid


LipiFlow is a thermal pulsation treatment that acts on the meibomian glands through precisely calibrated and targeted heat and masage delivered as an in-office procedure.


LipiFlow treats meibomian gland disfunction. Meibomian glands located along the edge of the eyelids where the eye lashes are found. The meibomian glands make the oil that is an essential part of healthy tears. The oil is what prevents the eyes from drying out too quickly. When the lands are not working properly because they are blocked, dry eye disease is often the result.


How LipiFlow Works by Combining Heat and Massage


LipiFlow uses heat from precisely calibrated thermal pulses combined with massage to unblock clogged meibomian glands. Most patients feel a gentle massaging of the eyelids during the course of the treatment. During a LipiFlow treatment, we place stirlile single-use activators on your eye-lids and around the cornea. After your appointment the activiators are discarded. The activitors deliver theraputic energy to the meibomian glands while keeping all the other delicate parts of the eye's anatomy safe. The activator provides a precise and calibrated vectored thermal pulse combined with with gentle adaptive pressure to the meibomian glands. Once properly administered, gland occulsions generally resovle and the glands can begin functioning properly again by releasing lipids, which is an oily substance that is an essential component of healthy tear film. The oily component of tear film keeps the aqeous component from evaporating. The result you experience should be a reduction in your dry eye disease symptoms.


How long do the effects of LipiFlow last?


Depending on the patient, the LipiFlow can be effective from nine months to three years. This treatment can provide long-lasting relief but it is not a cure for meibomian gland disfunction. Regular in-office and home maintenance therapies are important. The most successful patients are often those who attend for routine visits for dry eye disease.


Is LipiFlow Right For You?


The first step to find out if LipiFlow is right for you is to book an appointment with our doctor. We will examine your eyes and the health of your tear film, combined with LipiScan medical imaging of your glands and other diagnostic tests to evaluate whether LipiFlow is right for you.

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