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Dr. M.K. Randhawa

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Vancouver, BC, V5P 4M6

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Dry Eye Disease

We have a major focus on the diagnosis and treatment of dry eye disease. Using advanced diagnositic imaging equipment like LipiScan, our doctors evaluate the health of your tear producing glands, leading to effective treatment plans using the latest technology and equipment like LipiFlow and BlephEx. Learn more.

Vision Therapy

We have one of the largest developmental optometry practices in Vancouver, with a team of vision therapists. We are dedicated to the treatment of conditions like lazy eye, strabismus, concussion-related vision problems, stereo-blindness, eye movement disorders and more. Learn more.

Eye Health Exams

It all starts with a comprehensive vision and ocular health evaluation by a doctor of optometry. In addition to assessing your visual accuity for a lens prescription, we look for diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, dry eye and more to catch them before they cause lasting damage. Learn more.


Computer Vision Syndrome

Working from home on the computer? Your eyes might feel tired and your vision blurry. And you might experience neck, shoulder and back pain. Did you know that vision dictates your posture? Bad computer vision can lead to bad posture resulting in musculo skeletal pain. Watch our computer vision syndrome video to learn more.



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