Orthokeratology for atheletes


Orthokeratology for atheletes


Vision correction for swimmers


Vision correction can be a challenge for swimmers, especially young swimmers. You should never wear contact lenses in the pool because a common microscopic organism found in water called acanthamoeba can get trapped between the lens and the eye causing serious and permanent vision loss or blindness. And wearing glasses in the pool is an uncomfortable and awkward option. It is also not permitted for most competative swimmers.


Why orthokeratology is perfect for swimmers


Orthokeratology is a perfect solution because patients wear a rigid lens only while they sleep, giving them clear vision during the day. During the day, they don't wear contact lenses or glasses.


There are very few reported infections with orthokeratology lenses and the infections that have resulted have been due to improper lens care.


Orthokeratology is an alternative to laser vision correction


In addition, while laser eye surgery may be an option for patients over 18 years of age, it is not recommended for younger patients. Orthokeratology fills that gap. Orthokeratology is also an excellent option for those who over the age of 18 who are not good candidates for laser vision correction or who do not want laser vision correction because of the risks.


Orthokeratology is also effective for myopia control


Orthokeratology provides benefits beyond vision correction. It has also been shown to stop your vision from getting worse. It is the longest used and longest studied effective method for myopia control. Patients with myopia frequently experience progression as their vision gets worse. This happens when their vision is either uncorrected and even when it is corrected wtih glasses or contact lenses. If orthokertology is used for vision correction, it has the effect of preventing or slowing the progession of myopia. Myopia can be dangerious because it can lead to glaucoma and retinal detatchments, which can cause permanent vision loss and blindness.


Orthokeratology is approved by Health Canada


Orthokeratology has been approved by the FDA and Health Canada as well as the health and medical regulatory bodies of most major countries.



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